How We Got Started

Gamafro Originals is a business based on a century old Soninke Tribal tradition of trading beads and textile through out Africa, Now Gamafro Originals honored to share this Ancient tradition with the rest of the world. We produce the best quality in the market because we are constantly going home to get new merchandise. We also share with our customers info on the history and cultural significance of all our merchandise. Our name Gamafro Originals comes from combining Gambian and African Originals. We are a wholesale retailer traveling throughout The United States vending in local bead shows. We specialize in Antique trade beads, bone beads, recycled bottle glass, Recycled Vinyl record vinyl disc beads, Kuba cloths, mud cloths, and much more. Feel free to check us out on our Facebook page and at a upcoming bead show in a city near you! Thank you for Checking us out.